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5 décembre 2018

Découvrez le Modèle Process Communication expliqué en images.

Le tramway jaune avance lentement dans le brouillard laiteux et surchauffé de cette fin d’après midi d’été. Le trafic s’écoule sous la canicule, se disperse et se répand dans les mille recoins de Budapest.

5 décembre 2018

The Downsides of Telecommuting

Working from home is more common than ever before, thanks to continuous advances in internet technology. For some, it seems like the perfect arrangement – work from home, sleep in a bit, no commute…however, telecommuting isn’t always a perfect option. This is especially true in fields where face-to-face interaction is a key part of your job.


1) You effectively become invisible to your team

Building close relationships with your coworkers is a process that naturally happens over time. When you share the same struggles, perform the same duties, and complain about the same boss, a sense of camaraderie gradually develops.

If you work from home, you miss out on all of that. These social engagements are where friendships are forged, and people who don’t attend wind up being isolated from their team.

This is especially true if you’re looking to form a good rapport with your boss – many workers put themselves on the radar by sharing a drink and having a good conversation with their boss at a party.


2) You risk pigeonholing yourself

Not all jobs can be performed remotely. Virtually all blue-collar work requires you to be physically present in the workplace to do your job, as do customer service jobs and management roles.

Telecommuting works for some white-collar positions, but it becomes increasingly difficult (or unfeasible) to do as you work your way up the ladder. If you insist on working from home, you risk shutting yourself out from promotions or raises.

Being able to advance in the company requires you to be physically present, sometimes at a moment’s notice; if you show an unwillingness to appear on a regular basis, you’ll likely be passed over in favor of somebody who shows up at the office every day.

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